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Dr. Marry Barrett, Master Hypnotist

You can never go wrong with your future when you consult with Dr. Mary Barrett of Jackson, Tennessee. As a versatile master hypnotist herself, she specializes in many fields of telepathy and hypnosis. Aside from her profession, she is also a dedicated:
Mom • Grandmother • Daughter • College Graduate • Spiritual Reader • Spiritual Consultant • Paranormal Investigator - Ordained Minister * Dr. of Divinity * Reiki Master • Master Life Coach • Master NLP • Author

Special Abilities

Aura Reading • Clairvoyance or Second Sight • Clairsentience • Clairaudience • Clairalience • Claircognizance • Clairgustance • Death-warning Empath • Energy Medicine Ediumship or Channeling • Precognition - Premonition and Precognitive Dreams • Psychometry or Psychoscopy Remote Viewing • Retro-cognition or Post-cognition • Perception - Scrying • Telepathy

Dr. Marry Barrett


Universal Life Church • Ordained Minister (22 June 2015) • Dr. of Divinity (24 June 2015) 


Chikara-Reiki-Do Master • Certified Hypnotist • Certified Master Hypnotist • Certified Life Coach • Certified Master Life Coach • Certified NLP • Certified Master NLP • Certified Holistic Marketer • Certified Holistic Master Marketer  


The American Alliance of Hypnotist • American Union of NLP • Best Psychic Directory and The Paranormal Depot

Her Disclaimer

She does not take the place of a doctor, lawyer, or any other professional. She does not give Medical or Legal advice. If you need to see a doctor or lawyer, please do so. She will not be held responsible.