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A letter from Stan Zurek Cohost of WILK’s Paranormal Science about his experience during his past life regression

Just what happens to you during a past life regression? If you have purchased or are planning to purchase tickets to DR. Mary Barrett’s Past life regressions and psychic gallery in April you’re probably asking yourself the same thing, That’s a question I can answer.

First off you will not be asked to make a fool of yourself or be asked any personal questions, Mary is very professional about what she does.
She will be speaking very softly. She will get you in a very relaxed stated from your toes to the top of your head. I was so relaxed I felt like I leaning forward about to fall out of my chair. Afterword those that were there said I never moved. She then starts to ask questions about past lives. Then something surprising happens (at least to me) You start to talk and answer her but it’s not you, it’s like someone else speaks for you. You are there very relaxed just listening.

Those that were there said my voice changed and I spoke different, I was not aware of this.

I was told I had 7 lives but we only had time for 4 of them. I do plan on being regressed to learn about the last 3. After you wake up you will feel great very relaxed.

I am a cohost on a locally broadcast live radio show, if you are interested in what I said go to www.wilknewsradio.com then click on the “Audio Vault”. Look for Paranormal Science then scroll down to 10-11-15. This will let you listen to the show that I was regressed on.

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