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You Are NEVER Alone

March 30, 2017

If you need advice or any type of assistance, please contact Mary Barrett. She is so accurate and helpful. She was dead on both times she read me and actually, the first time she picked me out of a crowd with news for me. Angie

March 24, 2017

Hey there!

Just thought I'd update you on a reading you did on a co-worker of mine a few years ago. You mentioned that she would end the relationship with her then boyfriend and move out of Florida, change careers, find another love and get pregnant. I'll be honest, she didn't believe a word of it because she said she wouldn't leave her boyfriend nor would she ever have kids because she didn't want them.

Well all of that actually happened and now she is pregnant! David

December 22, 2016

Hey girl ! Linda came by my office yesterday and told me about being hypnotized !! I've GOT to get that done soon myself ! Anyway, when you and I talked on the phone, you told me I was going to take a trip, down South, looked like Louisiana maybe?? Well, that didn't ring any kind of a bell at that time, BUT....since then, the company I am with is having a convention in Texas and I'm going ! I just happened to look on the map a few days ago to see how far Texas is from Tennessee, and It's down SOUTH and right Next to LOUISIANA !!! You're the bomb Mary

<3 Gina

December 15, 2016

So yesterday on Mysteries Explained, David and I had on Mary! Now I have to say I may be a paranormal investigator but I still approach things with an open mind but am skeptical. I know ghost/spirits exist--I have seen them, I have felt them, etc but I still want the proof! If I called everything paranormal I couldn't be taken seriously when I did find something truly paranormal (like the boy that called wolf!) So I keep an open mind and approach things being skeptical, so when I talk to psychics it's not that I don't believe them but as I said I am skeptical--Mary blew me away yesterday! Now keep in mind I have had a few people tell me my grandma is with me, but she went beyond that--she narrowed it down to the fact it was my mom's mom (I was raised with my mom, her parents, and my mom's sister.) Anyways she said how my grandma says I need to take time for myself (something I hardly ever do) and some other things that did sound like my grandma but then she said something that threw me off! She mentioned a rose or a pink flower--she was trying to relay some type of message but it wasn't completely making sense. Last night that part bugged me and I kept trying to relate a pink flower or a rose to my grandma or myself and then out of the blue it hit me!!! Rose!! Rose was my fave toy when I was a kid, I had her since I was 2 years old and still have this doll! She has on a dress that my grandma made for her and you guessed it, it has pink flowers on it!! Wow!!! No one really knows about this doll; I keep it in my closet cause she's falling apart and my girls don't want her, lol. So I went from being skeptical to a believer! Mary proved she has the ability and if anyone is looking for a psychic she is one I do believe! Just the little bit that Dave and I talked to her last night she hit some things right on target!! Her website is MaryBarrett.org.

- Thanks, Becky

March 2016

Mary Barrett is a wonderful and compassionate woman who did hypnosis on myself years ago and I learned so much about myself. Then my 16 year old granddaughter went missing and I called her as a friend to see if she could feel anything. She picked up somethings. Next thing i knew she was in Oklahoma from Tennessee out in the woods helping me search for a body but Mary never said she was dead, she said my granddaughter was in the area we were in. She became involved with our local police department and a private investigator giving them information and her own thoughts about the situation. Miss Mary and her sweet daughter Jennifer left on Friday and she was found the next morning within a half block radius of where Mary said she was. Mary is still working with the police, a private investigator and CPS on this case. My Granddaughter was put in my safe house for the weekend and asked for Mary to hypnotize her. Miss Mary and her daughter turned around the next day drove from Tennessee to Oklahoma again, she did the hypnosis and it was extremely helpful as to why she ran away. My granddaughter became very upset in parts and Mary could calm her down in seconds. It was amazing to watch and see this fine lady doing a job some people are skeptical of but by the time she left Oklahoma she had the entire police force and a private investigator believing everything. So I can never ever repay you for coming not once but twice and for being the professional and also being my friend through it all. I love you Mary and I would recommend you to anyone who has a missing loved one and needs help....thank you so much,

- Donna……………

P.I. She is safe in the custody of her grandmother thank you for being involved. I feel you being here helped the investigation

March 2016

Mary is amazing She is right on and will not sugar coat your reading. Mary told me what I needed to here and I followed her advice. I was in a real dangerous relationship. She saw things I listened to her and was able to leave. I feel it saved me life. I can not thank her enough.

- Debbie

March 2015

A letter from Stan Zurek Cohost of WILK’s Paranormal Science about his experience during his past life regression.

Just what happens to you during a past life regression? If you have purchased or are planning to purchase tickets to DR. Mary Barrett’s Past life regressions and psychic gallery in April you’re probably asking yourself the same thing, That’s a question I can answer.

First off you will not be asked to make a fool of yourself or be asked any personal questions, Mary is very professional about what she does.
She will be speaking very softly. She will get you in a very relaxed stated from your toes to the top of your head.
I was so relaxed I felt like I leaning forward about to fall out of my chair. Afterword those that were there said I never moved.
She then starts to ask questions about past lives. Then something surprising happens (at least to me) You start to talk and answer her but it’s not you, it’s like someone else speaks for you. You are there very relaxed just listening.

Those that were there said my voice changed and I spoke different, I was not aware of this.
I was told I had 7 lives but we only had time for 4 of them. I do plan on being regressed to learn about the last 3.
After you wake up you will feel great very relaxed.

I am a cohost on a locally broadcast live radio show, if you are interested in what I said go to www.wilknewsradio.com then click on the “Audio Vault” and look for Paranormal Science, then scroll down to 10-11-15. This will let you listen to the show that I was regressed on.

July 16, 2015

I was just telling a friend about you. I told her some day you will be huge. I said you really are that good and impressive.

- LF

June 25, 2015

This was my first reading with Mary. I liked the way she didn't ask me for information in the beginning. She just kind of filled me in. This really verified she was the real deal. My grandmother whom I'm forever connected with came through and Mary actually described what color I wearing to validate that my grandmother was there with me. To say the least, that was very comforting. Something else I liked about my reading was the helpful advice I received on separating from a bad relationship.

- Jamillah

May 17, 2015

Mary, I just want to let you know that you are amazing!!!! The reading you have me was so head on. You told me you use no tools, yet you got right to the point and was so scary accurate! I will definitely be calling you back and telling all my friends about you. Thank you for being here for people like me who need the help. You did not disappoint at all!

- Christina

May 12, 2015

I just want you to know that I just love you and your work. I think of you and what you told me, everyday. My mom is with me most often you said, one night I was a bit startled when I saw her sitting beside my bed. Thanks and can't wait to talk to you again.

- Maxine

April 23, 2015

About 45 minutes after your reading the bank called and we were prequalified to buy the house in LA. Also, certain phrases you used were the exact phrases my mother use to use. You described my mothers appearance and there is no way you could have possibly known what she looked like or they way she use to wear "housecoats". The colors of her house coats were on target. I found out this evening who the disloyal family member is, and yes it was confirmed I had been used. You are one of the best and I so appreciate the work you do. I look forward to talking with you again and possibly seeing your show again in Mansfield. God bless you and I am calm tonight.

- M.D.

Tonja Walker: Multi talented. Actress of One Life to Live & General Hospital. Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Singer, Producer, Realtor- Investment, Luxury Properties, Referrals.

"Mary wanted to do a reading for me for free so that I would know she was kind, trustworthy, and talented. Immediately I was impressed. Then she was so accurate in her appraisal of my life situations it was uncanny. I have never tired of talking with her, and on my radio she was frequently requested by my listeners. I recommend Mary highly, though we have never met face to face. I look forward to that one day."

May 29, 2013

I have been to one of Mary's events. She is fantastic. I have read all her books and even had a past life with her! I recommend Mary highly and can not wait to see her again!

- Janet

Mary Barrett has many gifts! She is very accurate, kind and compassionate. She was point on with all she said.

- Jan

I have read all Mary Barrett's books. One word WOW! They were so informative. I was so afraid to ask the questions she addressed. I also had a reading with her! WORTH every penney.. ACURRATE does not describe it best. Keep on truckin Mary!

- Cheryl

Saw one of Mary Barrett's event. She had the whole audience in tears and laughter. All I can say is I hope to see more and more of her work. I also had a Past Life with her. Gave me so much info.

- Greg

I was leery at first before meeting you.. not to meet YOU, but because I was afraid of what you may or may not have been able to tell me. I am glad that I did get to meet you and I will tell anyone who will give me their ear what a fantastic person you are and how you helped give me peace of mind and put forgiveness in place between my dad and I months after he passed. I am forever grateful to you.

- Scotti

OMG! OMG! I had the absolute please of meetin Mary at the Ohio Prison at her dinner show!WOW! Watching her go around the audience and then talkin to me.. She gave me information NO ONE knew! I can not wait for her to come back to Ohio! Thanks Mary, you are WONDERFUL!

Mary you are FANTASTIC! You have many gifts and you are truly so right in your predictions. Sometimes they take time to come to pass but like you said, it is in God's timing. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will be going far and help, lots and lots of people!

- Kary

Even though the online reading was short and sweet, I got a lot out of it and you eased my mind of problems I was having then.Those same problems have come back to give me grief, you told me then there would be bumps in the road and I have HIT one of those bumps! Thanks for being you!

- Georgette